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Hi There, I am Santosh I have the unique distinction of clearing all 6 UPSC CSE Prelims with huge margins.
I mastered the art of clearing UPSC CSE and in the process devised an unbeatable strategy to ace Prelims which many students struggle to do

Crossing the 80 marks barrier.

Most of the UPSC aspirants with some knowledge and preparation are able to hit the 80 marks plateau. But going beyond it is a bit tougher and you need personal mentorship and able guidance of an expert.

Reaching The cutoff line.

Scoring above 105 is easier if you are in able guidance of an experienced mentor like Santosh Sir who has the unique distinction of clearing all 6 CSE prelims..​​

Toppers Testimonial

Sir thank you so much for giving critical analysis for my ethics answer. Ethics mark has become game changer this time to me. CSE 2018 mains I scored 92. But this time 155. Thank you sir for continuous support in my preparation.


AIR 68, CSE 2019